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Workshop ALZHEIMER - HEADER-1.png
University of Aveiro, 16-17th of June 2023

Breaking AD diagnostic frontiers

  • Current and novel tools for AD diagnostics

  • Advances in blood-based biomarkers

  • New insights on AD diagnostics platforms

  • Bridging the gap between research and clinical practice


George Perry, PhD

University of Texas at San Antonio


George Perry holds the Semmes Foundation Distinguished University Chair in Neurobiology at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Distinguished as one of the top Alzheimer’s disease researchers with over 1 000 publications, GP is one of the top 100 most-cited scientists in neuroscience and has been cited >112 000 times. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and has received numerous awards.

Jens Wiltfang MD, PhD

University Medical Center Göttingen


Jens Wiltfang is the Director of the Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University Medical Center Göttingen, a Full Professor at the same institution and head of clinical research at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, site Göttingen. JW published more than 450 scientific articles, reaching almost 20 000 citations and has 7 patents registered. He has received 6 awards and/or honors.


Francisco Oliveira - champalimaud_edited

Francisco Oliveira, PhD

Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon


Ana Gabriela Henriques, PhD

iBiMED, Medical Sciences Department, UA

chalotte teunissen_edited.jpg

Charlotte Teunissen, PhD

Amsterdam University Medical Center


Vítor Tedim Cruz, PhD

HPH-ULSM, ISPUP, Neuroinova

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